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Meet our Team:


Co-Founder/CEO: Jonathan Davis, Mooresville, N.C.

Jonathan is the founder of SimForce LLC Simulators. An affordable high-performance simulation platform for military aviation, general aviation, and automotive racing. The entrepreneurial adventure was created after years of research with the US Air Force and Navy Aviation branch. Consultation with private industry leaders from general aviation led to the design and development of the SF1 Simulation platform.  Jonathan has manufactured, designed, and fabricated NASCAR race cars since 1994. As a member of elite organizations like Roush Racing, Joe Gibbs Racing, Chip Ganassi Racing, and Jr Motorsports, he has worked with leaders who thirst for speed cultivating ways to reach new goals in performance. His relationship in NASCAR with the US Armed Forces provided experiences to appreciate all veterans and current serving service members.

Jonathan has taken the time to meet and forge lasting relationships with service members from all branches. His passion for flight led to a few special connections with members in the US Air Force. Jonathan has walked late at night through the Air Force Thunderbirds hangar to witness maintenance professionals tune high performance Lockheed Martin F-16s for an upcoming airshow with millions of spectators. He was granted exclusive access to Creech AFB, NV meeting with pilots and ground crew specialists who deploy with the General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper around the world to support American ground forces and safely bring them home.


Among the many amazing adventures was the opportunity to fly in the back seat of an F-16 Fighter Aircraft with the World Famous “Green Mountain Boys” from Burlington, VT. After speeds of over 700mph and several 9+G turns, his dreams were certified as a reality. Now, the creation of SimForce Simulators partners Jonathan and his team with helping military aviation Commanders the opportunity to utilize custom designed simulators to connect civic leaders and the local community citizens with the experience of flight from the platform their organizations fly. General aviation customers are the additional beneficiary of this advanced simulation platform, by offering realistic performance for flight schools, STEM programs, or the private enthusiast who dreams to turn and burn with the skills of a Top Gun aviator.  


Co-Founder/COO: Darin Mauzy, Jennerstown, Pa.

Darin has 25 years of experience connecting teams around the world. As a member of the U.S. Air Force, he led teams in combat, logged hours in an F-16 as a flying crew chief on the aerial demonstration team the “Thunderbirds”, navigated the halls of the Pentagon as a senior staff advisor, and was the Command Chief of the world famous “Green Mountain Boys”.

The drive for speed, performance and adventure has afforded the opportunity for Darin to partner with SimForce to make the dream of flight a reality to those who dream.  Additionally, Darin is the Founder of "Leaders of the Force", Leadership Consulting, Team Performance Coach, and proud father of 4 teenagers with his wife Tarah.

Lead Marketing/Design Consultant:  Kevin Hamlin, Davidson, N.C.

Kevin is a veteran NASCAR spotter that has taken his 15 years of on-the-job experience in the racing industry working closely with Fortune 500 companies and created Leading Edge Marketing, a progressive full service marketing and digital marketing agency that has the knowledge and experience in creating and executing high-quality marketing materials. Kevin specializes in creative graphic design art work, websites, public relations for athletes and corporations, as well as team or company apparel design.

Product Photographer:  Dustin Lee, Mooresville, N.C.

Always up for a challenge, Dustin spent his youth studying, playing music, sports, wake boarding and surfing in eastern North Carolina.  During this time, he developed a passion for documenting his world which inevitably led to his discovery of the power of storytelling through audio and video.  Dustin's journeys led me to the awe-inspiring city of Boone, N.C. where he graduated with honors from the Electronic Media and Broadcasting program at Appalachian State University. Fresh out of college, with an affinity for coffee and a spontaneous attitude, Dustin landed a gig recording music and editing post production audio at Screen Gems in Wilmington, N.C. with North Star Post and Sound.  His travels eventually led him to Dale Earnhardt Jr’s content company - Dirty Mo Media.


Editor/Author/Consultant:  Summer Stevens, Washburn, Mo.